Nov 28, 2008

Q-Tip ft. Kooley High

Can you Say NC hip hop getting it in! Charlie Smarts, Tab-ONe, ILL Digitz, Raspsody, Halo
"Kooley High"

Nov 27, 2008

Worlds first Widebody Challenger

This is a walking orgasm right here no homo! lol you get what i mean tho

Nov 26, 2008

Best of Method Man

Touch Screen Latop

This is soooooooooooooo dope if i get a laptop its definitely gone be this one off tops

Nov 25, 2008

Old School song of the day

Outkast ft. Slick Rick ' Da Art Of Storytellin
now this is when creative made hiphop. I was young back then but i understood that good music made you feel good and made you forget about the B.S. that life puts people through, And im starting to see Hip Hop come back to the origin and i cant wait.
but yeah! From me to you to Hip Hop " WE MISS YOU"

Lupe is a beast

Mr. Fiasco is one of the best Lyricist in the hiphop community. If you have no idea who he is then you've been under a planet for a good minute. Basically on any beat Lupe would,will,and did Rip any Freestyle/Song; He is most know for his freestyle called switch where he ripped Slim Thug's song "Still Tipping" and in this beat he flipped his rapping style like 6 times, his word play is sick and has logical meaning, it makes sense and makes you think. Please comment on your thoughts of Lupe
In the mean time listen to these freestyles

Nov 24, 2008

Nice Find Reg

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Crazy Weekend of WTF

Well this past weekend was a endless weekend of not getting any rest. It started friday night with a call my boy Mikey Free, called me like yooooooo im going to the club with these chicks. So i meet up with them and went to the club got home at 3:30am . Then Saturday i recented a call from john casablanca model/acting agencey to come in for a screening; as a result, i went to J.Crew copped some threads, after i went to chill wit my homeboy DJ ILL Digitz of Kooley High at Ruckus Pizza in Raleigh cause him and Cesar Commache had a gig there and after that i went to Campus Crossing at NC state to chill with friends.

To be Cont........................
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