Jan 17, 2009


Sneeze "

Supreme Gucci Belt by Sneeze

Jan 14, 2009

Next Day Air

Hands down this is gone be the best comedy for 09 and once again Guy Ritchie delivers, which he's one of my fav Film makers. i've seen atleast 15 of his movies and hopefully more to come. And the cast is a quite large one (donald faison, mike epps, wood harris, omari hardwick, emilio rivera, yasmin deliz, lauren london, mos def)

this is what www.playcloths.com aka The Clipse said

Not really one for posting the latest fare in cinema, but this one couldn’t be ignored as every black person who has ever been in front of a camera has been cast in this one (including a tour de force performance from “Road to “Til’ the Casket Drops” interlude Alum, Lauren London). The end result looks like the out come of Guy Ritchie reaching for an NAACP award.

Crewneck iLLness

its been a min since i seen a crewneck like this, this is the style of crewneck that made my dig crewneck i wish some brands would go back to this style.
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Crewneck Sweatshirt

Money for shoes vs Money for jeans

How is it that (he or she or we) would spend a $100+ or $200+ on some shoes but wont spend that much on a pair of great quality jeans"Denim". Why is that? That kinda puts it in a different perspective right, but serious what makes us do that. As a result Good quality last for years, so really you'll end up spending less bread "$Cash" on a pair of good denim instead of buying mad denim ever few months unless your a "DenimHead"

can i get a Comment on this topic lol im curious to here yalls answers lol and i know yall come in here hahahaahha all 1,2xxk of yall

let me get that FEEDBACK like janet Jackson hahaha no homo/PAUSE hahahha

((((((.....(Futuriztik Sounds)....)))))))


another installment of Futuriztik Co.

click link to download
Futuriztik Sounds

i'll give yall the full scoop in the am cuz im just mad tired lol is 2am i have class at 8am so....... can i live lol

Digital Graffiti Blogs

veryyyyyyyyyyy dope

Graffiti Research Lab



Laid Off MySpace Employees Read About Ex-Managers Great Mood On MySpace

This is how u know sh!t has hit the fan lol Myspace laying ninja's off hahahahahah "not funny" but you gotta see the humor in this


Now that we all follow each other on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and god-knows-how-many more, you'd think we'd know by now to be sensitive to how our status messages and declarations of "mood" can affect others. Or, at the very least, you'd expect MySpace (NWS) executives to have figured it out.

Nope. As Portfolio's Jeff Bercovici notes, after a dozen MySpace employees in New York and LA were let go, the newly unemployed discovered their ex-bosses updating their profiles with cheery messages and smiley faces.

Yesterday, MySpace eliminated a dozen or so people from its marketing communications team, most of them in Los Angeles and the remainder in New York. The social networking world being what it is, the axed employees immediately checked their bosses' MySpace pages for comforting signs of sympathy, only to discover brand new and jarringly chipper status update messages.

Angela Courtin, the company's senior vice president for marketing, described her mood as "focused," with this message: "just another manic monday. after a sublime weekend. can you say SUNNY LA." Meanwhile, sales and marketing president Jeff Berman seemed preoccupied by Malcolm Gladwell's new book. His message, punctuated with a big smiley face: "loved Outliers -- great read."

Could have been worse -- at least the ex-employees weren't unfriended.

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windows 7

Windows 7 Review Consensus: It's A Faster Vista (MSFT)

windows_7.jpgMicrosoft (MSFT) made Windows 7 Beta publically available a few days ago, and already eager geeks are downloading the software, playing with it a little, and putting their reviews up on the Internet.

What's notable about these early reviews is how unanimous they are in their opinion of Microsoft's new OS: Windows 7 is essentially a faster Vista, the Vista that should have been.

  • Lockergnome.com: Vastly better than I expected on a few important fronts. The biggest front proved to be the speed front... Visually it feels like a Vista release.
  • Auctioneertech.com: Windows 7 is a faster Vista... Very fast on our test system.
  • Wardpeter.com: The whole feel of Windows 7, is more of a Service Pack upgrade, rather than a new OS... The boot up process is faster than Vista and the installation of software is also quicker.
  • Techfob.blogspot.com: A very dependable version of Windows, with no real surprises, good or bad.
  • Geek-news.net: Windows 7 for the most part feels like Vista Second Edition or as a friends said, "what Vista should have been when it was released."
  • Arstechnica.com: Vista foundation hasn't gone away—if you couldn't stand Vista's UI (whether it's because you didn't like Explorer, Aero, Control Panel, UAC, or anything else), Windows 7 is unlikely to do much to help, as it builds on the same UI. If Vista's hardware demands were too steep, Windows 7 will likely cause you the same grief, as its hardware demands match. And if Vista didn't work with a program or device you need to use, Windows 7 will offer no salvation, as its compatibility is virtually identical.
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Jan 13, 2009

Tyra Tyra Tyra, Beyonce Beyonce Beyonce

idk but this shit drives me mad lol in a good way. This confirms that Tyra is a Super Freak lol i like superfreaks

and Beyonce 'Diva' _____ B's steez is on another level i most say i just hope no one tries those Glasses in real time scenarios hahaha
Video Title: Beyonce - Diva

The Illionaires™ Clothing Blog: Online Poll.

The Illionaires™ Clothing Blog: Online Poll.

Damn right "G" lol since i did only get the order the Robot one in a XXL lol and remember what u told me that you would do if you eveeeeeeeeeery got anymore made?

Jan 12, 2009

Movies on my Blog

Well some of you know i post Full movies on my site to Stream im wondering should i still do that since i watch mad movies online anyways so why not share it and that way we all save money from lame movies "Cough ........COugh (The Spirit)"

lets get a comment or two on this matter

NO or a GO

SneakFiend Mousepad

whattttttttttttttttttttt up blogWorld today is a get it while they last day yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyya dig
here is the very very very very limit SneakFiend mousepads that are smooth, nice and .......Umm.....Smooth (IDK another word lol) but real talk tho i have one and this is a very good quality mousepad, andddddddddd it doesnt attract lint or those annoying cotton ball rollups, so weither your using a mouse with the optical laser, Old School ball, or even a TrackBall mouse<<<(ewwwwwwwwww)-"yea i said it ewwwwwwwwww" the mousepad is or of the must haves if your into Sneaker or you just like jordans btw i has a dopeeeeeeeee pic or Mars iv's and Bred iv's now you tell me or show me a mousepad like that...........?..........?>>>>>>>>>>>>>? ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Yea i thought so
limited to only 50, they are now available for purchase in our online shop at www.SNEAKFIEND.com. $10 for meet ups in the NC Triangle Area, and $15 shipped within the U.S. If any internationals are interested, just hit us up at service@sneakfiend.com, so we can send an invoice of $20, which is an extra $5 added for international orders. Don't pass up, you know you need a new mouspad, especially for you sneakerhead college students out there...

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