Apr 11, 2009

AT&T "victim of sabotage in Northern California"

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Fiber optic cables are typically well-protected from damage or anything that would sever them. Early on the morning of April 9th however, fiber optic cables belonging to AT&T were cut and it was no accident. Whoever cut the cables knew exactly where they were going and what they were cutting as equipment was required to lift manhole covers and cut through thickly coated and covered wires. If the vandals responsible for this were targeting AT&T, they must have missed the fact that Verizon and Sprint also relied on those cables and were affected by the damage, too. Landlines, cell phones and Internet connections are affected - including the ability to make 911 emergency calls. A spokesman for AT&T said, “Clearly, we have some vandalism. Someone purposefully and deliberately cut the wires.” No one knows when services will be restored and AT&T is offering $100,000 for information that leads to the conviction of these criminals (you can call (408) 947-7867 or (650) 802-4423 with any information you might have). As of this morning, AT&T reports that services have been restored.

Sn!tches bout to get paid hahaha

Apr 9, 2009

SOrryyyyyyyyyy fans

SOrry lol i've neglected my post but i been hella busy with school and life but i promise imma be back stronger

Apr 6, 2009


this is tooooooooooo Sexy

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