Mar 21, 2009

Kanye Yeezy nikezzzz

Kanye Rock Yeezy wit Keri

Mar 20, 2009

IM in Miami B****

IM in Miami Bitch

Cam`Ron - I Hate my Job

'Cam'Ron - I Hate My Job' Video "Crime Pays" In Stores 4/21

Mar 19, 2009

Ken Griffey New Era

Mar 18, 2009

blckBry Storm hack for Alltel

iPhone 3.0 OS

For all you iPhone jukies here's mad info on the 3.0 OS

i must say tho, im not gone front, for a person thats is bout to jump on the BlackBerry train the makes the iPhone 10 x(times) more sexy`R "smh at myself" PAUSE!

Via iphone30news

The exact date of when the iphone 3.0 download will be available has not been released yet, but from what has been said, it will be sometime around summer of 2009. The new upgrade will center mostly on Apple's app store. the new software will allow users to buy new game levels, magazine subscriptions, ebooks, and more.
The iphone 3.0 will also have the much anticipated copy and paste support and support for third party devices.

Mar 17, 2009

iHeart Radio no blackberry and iPhone

This sooooooooooooooooooooo very dope
Via PocketBerry


  • 150 of America’s favorite stations
  • Streaming in high-quality AAC format
  • Critically acclaimed genre-defying channels
  • Bookmark stations and tag songs
  • Hit Randomize to find something new

To download, go to

BlackBerry Storm theme

info via PocketBerry


Download here

AIr Yeezy's Dropped in Cali`Ish

These def look better that i expected
Via Dude on ISS Forums
the Nike Sportswear store in LA will have these on 4/ I would check 21 Mercer St
Numbers will be limited in the US, retail is looking like $200, and they will also be released internationally
Zen Grey/Light Charcoal

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