Jun 3, 2009

GIF of the day

Imagne if this cat was Cia,NSA,FBI,Military

Damn................. Body strength to the max

Kimbo in the Ult. Fighter show

Via Illionaires

The only way Dana White would allow Kimbo Slice to ever step in the octagon was to earn his spot by competing in the The Ultimate Fighter. A bluff not even Dana White would expect the 260 pound behemoth to call him on. Kimbo will join 8 other heavyweights "Rampage" Jackson, and Rashad Evans for the next installment of Spike's The Ultimate Fighter.


IF yall missed your chance to get the Kooley IS High shirt a few months back with the Blu & Exile show was in town and u mad as hell yall didnt get one....................Well his your chance again
I myself love both of them so you know i gotta have me one since i was one that missed the first chance hahahha.

BTW peep out their Mixtape called "Kooley is High" its one of their best works I promise and its free.

Jun 2, 2009

Time Lapse Video

Wow i know u can do it with pictures and editing with Photoshop but video lol say word

Scenes from a rooftop from Paul Johannessen on Vimeo.


im Sorry to all my followers that i haven't been posting as usual and sorry to SoleSirius.com that i havent' been posting technology like i was however that will change this week. I have neglected yall long enough dig. Reason being is i've been going thru stress lately amongst other things such as tryna find a second job. Mainly preparing to join the Air-Force so i've been working out and eating healthy tryna meet weight so i can Dip out of NC. But i'll elaborate later on why i chose to take the path in the Military

NEw Boyz- you're Jerk

Jun 1, 2009

I <3 DipLo

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