Apr 1, 2010

Channel Surfing

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Komp'L Freestyle ..B a n a n a s

Aight yall .....yall know i dont cosign on garbage, so I recent had the chance to peep out one of my friends videos. I must say that im very impressed and i support my boi 200% and im not just saying this to plug him #nobruno< Even in Highschool/ every since i've known dude was on his P's & Q's when it came to music and fashion. I can honestly say Komp'L(cant disclose his gov't on the cyberspace) was ahead of the Game when it came to style/fashion cuz i remember he was always on sum other shyt just as I was style wise and ninjas use to try and clown my dude's style but then came a few months later those same kats was doing what he was doing months ago and then he would switch the flavor up........Dats why i fcks wit Komp'L he's always been his own person and never followed a trend, so with that said peep the video and support good music(#noKanye)

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