Dec 16, 2009

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the illest Fitted i've seen in months

Peep the Fitted Curren$y has on jesus


Just found a dope france site

les blogs

new Krink

Imma Start back Writing my Tag and Handstyles lol i miss writing
I heart Krink
via Krink
Light green, light pink, and light blue K-60 markers.
Highest quality, Handmade in the USA.
Shipping now!

Lebron & Kobe are back

Btw Wiz Khalifa

(i know yall i've been slacking but bare with me) But i totally forgot about this Drop back in Nov

GO Cop Deal or No Deal this is classic

Burning After Rolling

DownLoad here <------------- sign up its free just make a login and password and your in, Real shit they have alllllll the newest mixtapes like current stuff

Click here to listen to Burning After Rolling


so i just got put on to SnowGoons found there work on a site i download from and decided to listen to a few tracks and im impressed. The sound is something like a Raw hiphop feel like somewhat grimey raw in-your-face type flow and the beats are like Jadakiss/sheek style beats that ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh! raw ish but google them they're worth it if you dig raw hip hop also Snowgoons are a German production crew (consisting of DJ’s Det, Illegal and Waxwork)

There newest drop is Trojan Horse

Heres some of there old work

Download <-----------------

Wu Tang Meets Indie Culture Vol. 2 - Enter the Dubstep

i know this is old to some but new to me i just found it browsing the net as usual.
This isnt bad i can fck wit these on a certain day when i feel creative beyond walls
via Ihiphop


For Immediate Release

October 13th, 2009

Wu-Tang Meets The Indie Culture Vol. 2: Enter The Dubstep…

Frank Radio and iHipHop Distribution are proud to announce the highly anticipated follow-up to 2005’s “Wu-Tang Meets The Indie Culture Vol. 1″
On November 10th, the newest and freshest sounds in underground electronic music encounter the grimiest and most hardcore hip-hop click in this one-of-a-kind album: “Wu-Tang Meets The Indie Culture Vol. 2: Enter The Dubstep.”

As Vol. 1 sought to introduce hip-hop fans in general, and specifically, the famously large, loyal and diverse fan-base of the Wu-Tang to the burgeoning world of underground hip-hop, so Vol. 2 seeks to expose another untapped resource of underground talent, skill and artistry to this very same avid and intrepid fan-base.

The project serves a double purpose as well: many of the pioneers and practitioners (DJ’s and producers) in the Dubstep world came up in a time when Wu-Tang ruled the international airwaves. Unlike much commercial hip-hop, the immediacy of Wu-Tang’s sound spoke to many outside of the scope of the typical hip-hop fan, across oceans and at home. Their music and style helped to shape an emerging artform that hadn’t yet defined itself. Now, in 2009, as dubstep continues to grow, expand and encompass more styles and subgenres, the Wu-Tang sound is reintroduced into the mix, to spawn a new and unique musical crossbreeding, that is greater than the sum of its constituent parts.

This groundbreaking album is trail-blazing the collaboration between Dubstep and Hip-Hop, with stomach-pounding, bass-thumping guttural beats, and gully, gritty and grimy lyrics that break into the next decade in the chapters of each respective genre’s history. With Scuba, Parson, Trillbass, Dakimh, DZ, Rogue Star, Stenchman, Datsik & many more producing not remixes, but complex re-interpollations that include a veritable goldmine of Wu-Tang verses from the vaults that feature Raekwon, Ghostface Killa, RZA, GZA, Method Man, U-God & Masta Killa, Wu affiliates Killah Priest, Bronze Nazareth, Prodigal Sunn, Solomon Childs, Son One & more, and guest spots from Busta Rhymes, MF Doom, Pimp C, Three 6 Mafia, Ras Kass, Vast Aire, Canibus, Lord Jamar & many more, this one of a kind compilation is at the forefront of an emerging cultural and musical blend that is taking place on the margins of the mainstream, but will be talked about for years to come….

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