Jun 18, 2009

Haitian V wins lotto

Very funny series here

interesting workout

monday - upper 1
- flat bench 3x8
- inverted rows 3x8
- db seated press 3x8
- tricep isolation 3x8
- dips or extra isolation 3x8

tues - lower 1
- squats 3x8
- deadlift 3x8
- calf raise 3x8
- hamstring/quad iso 3x8

thurs - upper 2
- inverted rows 3x8
- military press 3x8
- db bench or incline 3x8
- chinups 3x8
- bicep iso 3x8

friday - lower 2
- deadlift 3x8
- squats 3x8
- quad iso 3x8
- calf raise 3x8

Jun 17, 2009

Nike Trainer 1 Legacy Package

Bling Bloaw wit`ah Burrrrrrrrrrr

Via KaTC
To introduce Nike's next generation Nike Trainer 1, Nike recently released the Nike Trainer 1 Legacy Package. The Nike Trainer 1 Legacy Package features the new Nike Trainer 1 and the original Nike Air Trainer 1 both in the classic Chlorophyll colorway. Retail is $180. The package is available now at select Nike accounts. Word is the package will end up in NikeTowns and other select Nike retailers. Read on for more.

Nike Trainer 1 Legacy Package

Nike Trainer 1 Legacy Package

Nike Trainer 1 Legacy Package

Jun 16, 2009

Upcoming Dope Movies




Spider-Man 4 maybe ish

Aquaman got cancelled during the Pilot trailer for CW
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