Nov 21, 2008

Winter hat dopeness lol The new Steez of my clientel

the Aviator/Trooper hats lloll
"Love it or Hate it" i can dig it muahahahahhahaa
if yall know me personally then you know i can pull this off

to find some go here Dope ass Hats

and this
Causal business

Nov 19, 2008

DJ Benzi, Kanye West & Plain Pat present: Sky High

this is covered by Dj Benzi Plain Pat,and Diplo etc....... if you do know this two guys google them, they do the dopest covers for mixtapes in the hiphop community and they fuse dance/drumNbass/trance/techno/DirtySouth/Regga/HipHOp

long awaited Kanye West remix project “Sky High” presented by Plain Pat & DJ Benzi. This amazing project features exclusive remixes of Kanye’s best material from an internationally acclaimed cast of producers including: A-Trak, Diplo, Stretch Armstrong, The Kickdrums, Cookin’ Soul, Eli Escobar and more

001. Sky High Introduction
002. Good Morning (The Kickdrums Remix feat. Big Sean)
003. Champion (Nick Catchdubs Remix)
004. Barry Bonds (Eli Escobar Remix feat. Lil Wayne)
005. Crack Musik (Cookin Soul Remix)
006. We Major (The Kickdrums Remix feat. Nas)
007. Get Em High (A-Trak Remix feat. Common)
008. Throw Some (Cousin Cole Remix)
009. Electric Touch (Mighty Mi & Steve1der Remix feat. Lupe Fiasco)
010. Love Lockdown (Tom Wrecks Remix)
011. Flashing Lights (Diplo Remix)
012. Addiction (Kenny Dope & Terry Hunter Remix)
013. Stronger (A-Trak Remix)
014. Workout Plan (Chaise Marcel Remix)
016. Impatient Boy (Benzi Refix feat. Will.I.Am.)
017. Homecoming (Discotech Remix feat. Chris Martin)
018. I Wonder (Scottie B Remix)
019. Good Life (Stretch Armstrong Remix feat. T-Pain)
020. Can't Tell Me Nothing (DJ Godfather Remix)
DJ Benzi, Kanye West & Plain Pat present: Sky High

Listen to here skyHigh

Mr. T getting it

Mr. Ts rap songs

Nov 18, 2008

Other Albums and Mixtapes i dig

Kon The Louis Vuitton Don

Kon the LV Don <<<<< click link

1 Intro full track
2 Better Than Yours (feat. Common)
3Chase Than Devil
4 Chase You Outta Here (feat. 50 Cent)
5 Lucifer
6 Encore
7 You Don't Know My Name
8 Slow Jamz
9 Knock Knock Remix (feat. Monica)
10 Wouldn't You Like 2 Ryde (feat. Common, Malik Yusef)
11 Me Against the Music Remix
12 No More for Me (feat. Mark Spitz)
13 Keep the Reciept
14 Jay-Z Freestyle
15 Stand Up Remix
16 Dawgs Out
17 Doin' My Job (feat. T.I.)
18 Turn Yourself In (feat. Consequence)
1903 Til - Consequence
20 Defence (feat. Glc, Meka)
21 Through the Wire Remix
22 You (feat. Mela)
23 Certified Gangsta

some extra tracks from kanyes kats he did tracks for >>>>>>>>>>>>>>Here

Kid Cudi

Artist...............: KiD CuDi
Album................: Plain Pat & Emile Presents a KiD named CuDi
Included.............: NFO
Covers...............: Front Back
1. (00:00:50) KiD CuDi - Intro
2. (00:04:09) KiD CuDi - Down & Out
3. (00:03:31) KiD CuDi - Is There Any Love? (Feat. Wale)
4. (00:02:20) KiD CuDi - CuDi Get
5. (00:03:27) KiD CuDi - Man On The Moon (The Anthem)
6. (00:03:39) KiD CuDi - The Prayer
7. (00:02:48) KiD CuDi - Day N Nite
8. (00:03:35) Crookers - Embrace The Martian (Feat. KiD CuDi)
9. (00:02:24) KiD CuDi - Maui Wowie
10. (00:02:55) KiD CuDi - 50 Ways To Make A Record
11. (00:02:04) KiD CuDi - Whenever
12. (00:03:24) KiD CuDi - Pillow Talk
13. (00:02:03) KiD CuDi - Save My Soul (The CuDi Confession)
14. (00:02:23) KiD CuDi - T.G.I.F. (Feat. Chip The Ripper)
15. (00:03:06) KiD CuDi - CuDi Spazzin'
16. (00:03:46) KiD CuDi - Cleveland Is The Reason
17. (00:03:17) KiD CuDi - Heaven At Nite
Playing Time.........: 00:49:41
Total Size...........: 71.00 MB


Talib Kweli & Madlib - Liberation

Liberation is a collaboration between Talib Kweli (rapper) and Madlib (producer). It was made available for free download from Stones Throw's Rappcats website, and Kweli & Madlib's MySpace pages for the first week of 2007, beginning New Year's Eve 2007. It was removed about a week later. One cover for the album is an adaptation of a piece by guerrilla artist Banksy, and an alternate cover (given away as a print-ready download) is a collage of Talib Kweli, a dollar sign, and the Statue of Liberty.

1. "The Show" - 2:21
2. "Funny Money" - 3:04
3. "Time Is Right" - 2:17
4. "Engine Running" (ft.Consequence) - 3:39
5. "Over The Counter" - 4:05
6. "The Function" (ft. Strong Arm Steady) - 4:09
7. "Happy Home" (ft. Candice Anderson) - 5:50
8. "Soul Music" (ft. Res) - 2:29
9. "What Can I Do" - 2:18

Pretty Short.. but pretty sick


Charles Hamilton . Sonic the Hamilton and his mixtapes

If you like Joe Buddens then you damn sure gone dig this guy, i found out about Charles while watch Joe Budden TV on youtube and i heard him flow and this is a true artist. peep his steez he also did a J.Dilla cover which was bananas i'll through that download up also and other mixtapes

Artist...............: Charles Hamilton
Album................: DJ SKEE Presents Sonic The Hamilton
Genre................: Future Sounds
Source...............: NMR
Year.................: 2083
Ripper...............: NMR
Codec................: Xing
Version..............: MPEG 1 Layer III
Quality..............: Extreme, (avg. bitrate: 231kbps)
Channels.............: Stereo / 44100 hz
Tags.................: ID3 v1.0, ID3 v2.3
Posted by............: on 11/11/2008
Included.............: NFO, SFV, M3U
Covers...............: Front Back


1. (00:04:59) Charles Hamilton - Enter The Hedgehog
2. (00:04:43) Charles Hamilton - Where's My Fcking Genesis
3. (00:06:08) Charles Hamilton - 10 Minutes
4. (00:05:12) Charles Hamilton - Put Cash Up (feat. Show "Tails" TuFli)
5. (00:04:14) Charles Hamilton - Ringtone Rap
6. (00:04:41) Charles Hamilton - Two Left Feet (Swaggerless Swag)
7. (00:05:26) Charles Hamilton - Frustration and Failed Suicide Attempts
8. (00:05:07) Charles Hamilton - Stir of Echoes or Sleeping Beauty
9. (00:04:45) Charles Hamilton - Baby Sonic
10. (00:05:50) Charles Hamilton - Lemme Know
11. (00:03:55) Charles Hamilton - Supersonicvents
12. (00:05:00) Charles Hamilton - Happy Ending
13. (00:05:15) Charles Hamilton - Fans Are Cool
14. (00:03:59) Charles Hamilton - 11 11 Again
15. (00:05:13) Charles Hamilton - Captain Slave a Hedgehog

Playing Time.........: 01:14:28
Total Size...........: 124.57 MB

Here the joint

Charles Hamilton - Its Charles Hamilton

01 It's
02 Conversations With God
03 Starchasers
04 Emotional Distress
05 Mr. Perfect
06 Wrong Side Of The Bed
07 The Honeymoon's Over
08 Lacey Duvalle
09 NinªΓol Del Infierno (Hell Boys)
10 Negative Zero
11 Wonder
12 Sunday Morning Testimonial
13 I'm Good (Bret Hart)

Download [Megaupload]

Password for file is

Charles Hamilton - And Then They Played Dilla


Kanye West - 808s & HeartBreak leak

1. "Say You Will" 6:18
2. "Welcome to Heartbreak" (feat. Kid Cudi) 4:23
3. "Heartless" 3:31
4. "Amazing" (feat. Young Jeezy) 3:58
5. "Love Lockdown" 4:30
6. "Paranoid" (feat. Mr Hudson) 4:38
7. "RoboCop" 3:26
8. "Street Lights" 3:10
9. "Bad News" 3:59
10. "See You in My Nightmares" (feat. Lil Wayne) 4:18
11. "Coldest Winter" 2:44
12. "Pinocchio Story" (freestyle live from Singapore) 6:02

Imma post a few links to different sources

Click here to Download <<<<<<<< MU

Download <<<<< Zshare


the most talked about Entourage episode


Zack and Miri Make a Porno full movie

Links <<<<<<< href="">Watch "Zack and Miri Make a Porno" Movie

backup link


New Xbox experience

debuting Nov 19th so all of us Xbx360ers can finally see what this new ish is really about

Via Engadget
Microsoft's new Xbox Experience dashboard doesn't officially launch until Wednesday the 19th. But if you signed up for the preview (and who didn't?) with a valid console ID then it's available now according to Major Nelson. What's more, Netflix has confirmed its Xbox 360 launch details: more than 12,000 movies and TV episodes and 300 streaming HD titles. Remember, streaming is free for Netflix members who are also Xbox Live Gold members. The HD video streams will be limited to SD audio, however -- multi-channel audio is in the works as are additional HD titles. Now get outta here kid, NXE awaits.

[Via Joystiq]

Read -- Major Nelson
Read -- Netflix

Worst Wake Up Call in the world RIP Charles Brown

well this morning i recieved a call from my Gma, When a answered she immediately told me . "Trell they just found Charlie Brown dead in a field, they said that his truck was turned over and wrecked pretty bad" as she told me i really couldn't believe that this happened cause CB was like a OG that was uncles best friend and i use to chill with my uncle day in and day out. He was always around .....Shit, he really was family and the most saddening part is he was spending Thanksgiving with my family. THis year i've lost two people i've loved its so dishearting to me.

This shit is so surreal to me right now! I never forget the time he was riding with me and told me that i was driving to rough and that if i had a lady friend in there with me and she wouldn't like being jerked back every time i changed gears,being that i have a 5pd car, i needed to drive smooth as if i had a automatic.

Please keep his family in your prayers as well as mine.

RIP CHARLES BROWN aka CHARLIE BROWN aka CB you will be greatly missed

Marcus Jordan vs Bow Wow lol

Sneaker Battle hahahaha

First imma show Bow Wows vid and then Marcus's and yall be the judge hahahah

Bow Wow


Nov 17, 2008

Black Friday INfo

Damn good deals in your local stores if they're close by
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