Dec 13, 2008

Nike Air Max Skyline Si Infrared

Nike Air Max Skyline Si InfraredThe ever poipular Infrared colorway that has become synonymous with Nike Running silhouettes has surfaced one again on a classicly styled Air Max. The Nike Air Max Skyline Si Infrared is available now at Finishline.

The Skyline Si is an early 90’s styled silhouette shares style cues with many of it’s Air Max siblings. It’s a little toned down compared to that latest Infrared Jordan 1 colorway, but that’s a better choice on this runner. Iconic elements from the Air Max line mixed into one make this one a must have for any sneakerhead, especially those heavy into the retro running lines.

Exclusively available now at Finishline for $89.99.


Samples of Greatness

Dec 12, 2008

Good morning to all

today is my last school day of the semister

Dec 11, 2008

Ranked in Top 40 Songs of the Year!!! KooLey- High

Ranked in Top 40 Songs of the Year!!!

The Year in Music 2008: Tracklist

Tracks 21-30 (H-Pa) of the Triangle's 40 best songs of 2008

How dope is this
Indy Week


(from Summer Sessions EP; self-released)

A fitting introduction to Kooley High, "Kool With It" rides a hydraulic beat, bass bouncing across bold horn samples, hot and thick as summer air. MCs Rapsody, Charlie Smarts and Tab-One trade lines, referencing Family Guy in their lyrics and Digable Planets in their easy chemistry. Certainly, this is as clear a mission statement as any the group could've offered—to be, as Rapsody boats in the hook, "so K-O-O-L/ Y'all better ask 'cuz y'all can't tell." Simple, direct and effective credo established? Check. —Bryan Reed
DownLOad this Track : Kool wit it

on a side note lol Charlie Smarts/iLL Digitz/Halo in Kool high are my peoples like on a call and text level not to tickle my own fancy. But since i have that live/direct connect i'll keep yall posted because i usually get there tracks ahead of time as far as knowing and i'll have there new cd when it drops. But anyway this is NC at its finest right here Please support Good music people.

Google them

Bonus lol
Kanye West feat. Kooley High_Bad News Remix
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ' KOol High style
as always my boy Alex kills it woops charlie Smarts

Alicia Tyler/ Riley Mason

Alicia Tyler hm hmh hm hmh hm hmmmmmmmmmm

Riley Mason North Carolinas own hahahhahahha

Gen Padova

Brittany Burke

Brooklyn We Go Hard

Jay-Z and Santogold however santogold has the Original on her album it's called "Shove It'

Shove It - Santogold

Be Kanye made this Mix


Dj Nominal NC State Dopest radio show

Dec 10, 2008

Air Jordan 11/12

Cassette Playa x Nike Blazer

Introducing the Cassette Playa x Nike Blazer.

Nike’s design team has combined with UK-based creative icon Carri Mundane to give the iconic Blazer a Cassette Playa-style remastering.

Being Nike's first hoop shoe, the Blazer has recently been embraced by other cultures including skaters – a point not lost in Carri’s creative process. “The Blazer’s adoption within the skate community made this the perfect shoe for the project. The colors reference the faded neon’s of 80's skate culture. For the materials imagine the shoes came from a toxically mutated lizard = sci-fi pimp. We’ve left only a circle and triangle for the wearer to decode.”

The Cassette Playa Blazer was first created for Carri’s Spring/Summer 2008 “Future Primitive” runway show, a show that was inspired by Carri’s concept of “urban shamanism.” As Carri explains it, “urban shamanism” a way of thinking that is summarized in her unique style for the season – “Ancient Amazonian hunting rituals adapted by a gang of skaters in a post apocalyptic city”.

The Cassette Playa x Nike Blazer is available at exclusive retailers in the US on December 20, 2008.

Nike Sportswear @ 21 Mercer
21 Mercer Street
New York, NY 10013

Nike Sportswear @ The Montalban
1615 Vine Street
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Jessica Biel = stripper lol


Anthony “Dust” Ortiz aka Lucky

Anthony “Dust” Ortiz google him click here for some visual - Lucky
he also played in Everybody hates chris

peep these songs out

Flying Lotus - parisian goldfish
titsworth ft. kid sister & pase rock -wtf
jazzanova ft Phonte- so far from home
bajofondo- ya no duele

Nike Loopwheeler Men's 3-Panel Sweatshirt

this is a nike Sportswear CrewNeck sweatshirt
Now this is one of the dopest crewnecks i've seen in awhile however that price is no joke

Perfection i say

Click here for link , Crewneck

Dec 8, 2008

The De La's that never made it lol

DOPE , DOPE, DOPE, imo these are better than the Sb Lows that did drop

Heres the write up
in response to Greenmaker and Joe The Plumber. i agree with them. The silver joint is wack thats why it NEVER came out. it was made by one of the dudes from SB as samples right when we decided to do a shoe with NIKE SB. we were fresh off of the Bionix album that had us in the space suits on the cover so thats why the person at SB took a shot at showing us that(which was an idea of his) to see if we liked it and then we could’ve build on more to that style.
we immediately let him know we wanted something more interesting in texture and colors which led us to start fooling around with the color scheme and style we presented to them which became the De La Dunk Hi we put out and then of course the cleaner version we did in Lo’s so we were never ever trying to or is going to release that silver shoe.
The other pic is the 1st sample of what eventually became our De La Dunks in Lo’s. we got rid of the clear Bottoms with the Medallion inside which represented the Medallions we wore on our first album cover
When i gave Vulcan the pics i did so because i thought it would be great to show the sneaker Heads and De la heads the prototypes that never came out that we fiddled with oppose to my favorite sneakers that everyone reading this may own themselves.No different than putting out unreleased De la music… i was just showing you an unreleased shoe.
we are working on a show with Nike for the Nike plus original project we are doing with them as well as a possible shoe with Nike apparel for the 20th anniversary of 3 Feet high so stay tuned to those.
Pos Plug Won

Comment by Pos Plug Won — October 19, 2008 @ 1:39 pm

Giddy Giggity Gigggity Sb's

Good morning

GOOD MORNING people whats gooddddddddddddddddddddddddie


Dec 7, 2008

Selvedge or Selvage

Since were on the topic of Denim i thought i would do a post on Selvedge denim

Selvage denim (also called selvedge denim) is a type of denim which forms a clean natural edge that does not unravel. It is commonly presented in the unwashed or raw state. Typically, the selvage edges will be located along the out-seam of the pants, making it visible when cuffs are worn. Although selvage denim is not completely synonymous with unwashed denim, the presence of selvage typically implies that the denim used is a higher quality.

The word "selvage" comes from the phrase "self-edge", the natural edge of a roll of fabric. In this case, denim made on old-style shuttle looms. These looms weave fabric with one continuous cross thread (the weft) that is passed back and forth all the way down the length of the bolt. As the weft loops back into the edge of the denim it creates this “self-edge” or Selvage. Selvage is desirable because the edge can’t fray like lower grade denims that have separate wefts which leave an open edge that must be stitched. Shuttle looming is a more time-consuming weaving process that produces denim of a tighter weave resulting in a heavier weight fabric that lasts.

Shuttle looms weave a more narrow piece of fabric, and thus a longer piece of fabric is required to make a pair of jeans (approximately 3 yards). To maximize yield, traditional jean makers use the fabric all the way to the selvage edge. When the cuff is turned up the two selvage edges, where the denim is sewn together, can be seen. The selvage edge is usually stitched with colored thread: green, white, brown, yellow, and red (red is the most common). Fabric mills used these colors to differentiate between fabrics.

Most selvage jeans today are dyed with synthetic indigo, but natural indigo dye is available in smaller niche denim labels. Though they are supposed to have the same chemical makeup, there are more impurities in the natural indigo dye. Loop dying machines feed a rope of cotton yarn through vats of indigo dye and then back out. The dye is allowed to oxidize before the next dip. Multiple dips create a deep dark indigo blue.

In response to increased demand for jeans in the 1950's, American denim manufacturers replaced the old shuttle style looms with modern projectile looms. The new looms produced fabric faster and wider (60-inches or wider), yet lighter and less durable. Synthetic dyeing techniques along with post-dye treatments were introduced to control shrink and twist.

What is Selvage Denim?

Only the finest jeans are made of selvage denim.

Selvage denim is made on old-style shuttle looms rather than modern, projectile looms. In simple terms, this means during the fabric weaving process, the cross-thread goes back and forth as one continuous thread, rather than as individual threads for each cross weave. As a result, selvage denim has a clean edge. Modern, single thread weaving has a frayed edge.

Traditionally the fabric made on shuttle looms was so narrow, a pair of jeans required approximately 3 yards of fabric. To maximize yield, jean-makers used the fabric all the way to the selvage edge with a straight outside seam. When the cuff is turned up, the two selvedge edges, where the denim is stitched together, can be seen (it's also seen on the inside of the coin pocket). The selvage edge is usually stitched with a colored thread and on vintage jeans, you'll find red, white, green, brown or yellow thread running down the edge, the most common being red. This distinction was made by fabric mills to differentiate between fabrics. True vintage jeans can be recognized the selvage edge.

Japanese selvage denim is the finest and most rare on the market today.

Historically, American denim was considered superior. In time, however, because shuttle looms only made 30-inch wide cloth, they became obsolete. In the 1950’s, when American jean manufacturers saw demand for their product skyrocket, they searched for faster, less expensive methods for producing denim fabric. They mothballed the traditional shuttle-type looms in favor of modern, projectile looms which could make a 60-inch wide fabric (or wider) for much less money. The fabric produced, however, was lighter and less durable. Manufacturers also replaced real indigo dye with synthetic substitutes and began pre-washing all fabric in order to control shrink and twist. The byproduct of these changes was an article lacking character with no potential for greatness.

Three decades later, select Japanese companies saw a market for traditionally made denim. They bought up most of the old, American shuttle looms and began crafting denim for small, local clothing companies. When the “Premium Denim” craze began, a few forward thinking companies introduced jeans made of selvage denim dyed with real indigo.

Quality denim is indigo dyed using loop dying machines which, like the looms, are rare and ancient machines., They feed a rope of cotton yarn through vats of indigo dye and then up to the roof of the factory to allow the indigo to oxidize before the 'rope' goes back down into the next vat. Some brands use up to 30 dips, creating a rich, deep indigo blue color with excellent character.

As for the raw materials, the best manufacturers use 100% cotton threads, which though they break more easily during the sewing process, are more authentic. Other original production techniques are reproduced at every stage, including the chain stitch at the leg opening which gives a thick stitch-line at the hem. This stitching requires a special machine, which again, has not been produced for the past 40 years. Whenever possible, superior denim manufacturers use Union Special brand machines, the "Rolls Royce" of American sewing machines from the fifties.

The immense care put into the detailing of this unique denim fabric, from the raw material to the weaving, dying and stitching, creates a jean of exceptional quality. Denim produced on shuttle looms is naturally irregular and these irregularities are enhanced as the jeans age, causing every pair to develop a unique and beautiful pattern as it fades. The deep blue color and the way the jeans fade can only be achieved by using the loop dying system. These details give the jeans authenticity and give you the knowledge that you own an article of the highest quality. Like fine wood, jeans made of selvage denim will only become more beautiful with age and wear, acquiring a patina unique to the wearer that is impossible to reproduce artificially. Each pair transforms in to a one of a kind piece. Owning and wearing jeans made of selvage denim is a very personal experience that no other item of clothing can give you.


super hella dope , if your a fan of the ACG Line the you'll love this

Customize Denim say worddddddddddd

So i did a random Google search on Selvedge denim and came across this site
the question is how legit is this site and how truely are they to there word!
However the concept is dope but the presentation is WACK

heres the article

Selvedge Denim Jeans - Raw Unwashed

Price: $90.00

Exclusive, For the first time ever, Selvedge Denim Jeans - Custom made
Jeans made as per your measuremnts from Japanese Selvedge Denim.
Also known as Selvage / Salvage Denim, it all means the same thing.
Our selvedge denim has a white thread running vertically down the cloth on the edges, the weight is approximately 11oz to 12oz.
A great offer for pure denim lovers and collectors.

About Selvedge Denim:
Selvedge denim is made on old style shuttle looms rather than modern projectile looms. In simple terms this means that the cross thread in the weaving process goes back and forth during the weaving process. But modern looms, shoot each cross thread through individually, hence the edge of the cloth is frayed rather than clean. No shuttle looms have be made for over 40 years as they can only make cloth about 30 inches wide whereas projectile looms can make fabric 60 inches or even wider for much less money.Because the fabric made on these looms is so narrow we need approximately 3 yards to make each pair of jeans. To maximise the usage, the traditional method was to have a straight outside seam and cut right up to the selvedge so that when you turn the jean up you see the two selvedge edges of the denim stitched together.

All fits cannot be made from this fabric(due to width of this fabric being only 30 inches), only a straight fit, tapering or a classic comfort fit can be made using this denim

LiL Weezy - Mrs. Officer

as much as this song annoyed me on the radio and ringtones and people singing it the video is very good lol yaDigastand , But what makes the video so dope is that this video spins off into another video so really really these videos are 3 part segments

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