Dec 15, 2008

Terry Kennedy aka TK "Pro Supra SHoe" /Supra Terry Kennedy Pro Model ‘TK Society’

Say what u want but these are hardbody

just browsing my myspace friends and noticed "TK" post his new shoe

his direct quote 'MY PRO SHOE ON SUPRA"

Simplysneakers input on the Purple colorway ' Tk Society"

Also Via Sneaker Obsession

Within the past few days we have featured some previews of the Terry Kennedy Supra Pro Model and now thanks to Ben Baller we have a closer look at one of the models which will be available. The purple colorway shown here we caught a glimpse of not all that long ago but the quality of the picture was horrible and it was taken from yards away leaving very little detail visible to the eye. Its nice to finally see a detailed shot of what the sneakers actually look like after catching a preview here and there.

According to Ben Baller, the sneakers are called “TK Society” and as we can see they include an all purple upper with a white midsole. 2 straps are also constructed into the design, one around the lower ankle and one around the upper ankle. The strap around the top appears to look like it wraps around the whole sneaker. There is still no mention of a release date at this time so keep it locked to Sneaker Obsession for updates.
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