Jan 14, 2009

Next Day Air

Hands down this is gone be the best comedy for 09 and once again Guy Ritchie delivers, which he's one of my fav Film makers. i've seen atleast 15 of his movies and hopefully more to come. And the cast is a quite large one (donald faison, mike epps, wood harris, omari hardwick, emilio rivera, yasmin deliz, lauren london, mos def)

this is what www.playcloths.com aka The Clipse said

Not really one for posting the latest fare in cinema, but this one couldn’t be ignored as every black person who has ever been in front of a camera has been cast in this one (including a tour de force performance from “Road to “Til’ the Casket Drops” interlude Alum, Lauren London). The end result looks like the out come of Guy Ritchie reaching for an NAACP award.

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Nellz said...

I wanna that also.. looks mad funny


chap 7 is up "The Good Life"

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