Jan 5, 2009

Style Tip of the Week

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Tip Of The Week: Keep Your Dark Denim Crispy

Nudie Dark Denim Photo via Oak NYC

The classic combination of dark denim, a fresh white tee and clean kicks is pretty unstoppable. But the success of the ensemble relies heavily on keeping your jeans as dark as when you first bought them. It’s not rocket science, but for those of you who’ve wondered how to maintain crispy blue-jeans, we’ve laid out three sure-fire tips to help achieve the right look…

1. Never wash them. Yeah, that’s right, NEVER. We know you neo-grunge types are rejoicing, but most guys ain’t feeling this. Don’t worry; if you really can’t stand the idea of living in your own funk, read on.

2. If you must wash, put them inside out and use cold water. Let them air dry as the dryer heat can rough up the weave of the denim and lighten them up.

3. Cop some specialized soap. Dark denim connoisseurs swear by Woolite for All Darks. This will help you rock your dark jeans with minimal fading without feeling like Pete Wentz.

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