Feb 18, 2009

World’s Greatest Hacker Says Obama’s BlackBerry Can Be Breached

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Kevin Mitnick is very well known for his hacking skills, especially his big bust in the 90’s where he attempted to hack into cellphone and computer companies to steal money. He also is confident that Obama’s BlackBerry can be hacked.

In a recent interview he stated that Obama’s BlackBerry is vulnerable to hacking and is without a doubt possible. You have to be very “sophisticated” he said. His basic instructions for doing so seemd very easy and simple. First, Obama’s BlackBerry email address must be obtained some how. If someone could figure out who his circle of friends/coworkers that he keeps in touch with are, then they could find his email address and work from there. Getting to their desktop computers which are wired to the Internet would be of the most easiest route rather than getting to a mobile emailing device.

So after getting the email account, an simple email with a lurring link to click would be sent out to him then from there the hackers would be in.

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