Mar 27, 2009

The CocknBullkid

The CocknBullkid

Via Nialler9


As cool as Lily Allen is and all, this is the kind of stuff that should have been on her new album. Falling somewhere between M.I.A and Lily is Anita Blay theCocknbullkid from London. Full of swagger and seething with hate for her boyfriend’s mother, ‘There’s A Mother In Our Bed’ features the line “I wouldn’t ask you to chose between me and her / But to be honest I’d rather see her in a hearse” and 2009’s best incestuous lyric - “Didn’t realise what I put my name down for / No-one told me I signed up to a menage a trois / So now to only one you’ll be getting to fuck ya / is your mother.” Charming.

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