Mar 3, 2009

Flying Lotus x Weezy

Via hypebeast

flying-lotus-weezy Flying Lotus x Weezy

It seems like everyone and their mothers have spat a couple bars over the beat to Lil Wayne’s hit track Milli. No one dared to tamper with Bangladesh’s expertly constructed beat deciding to merely remix the song by adding new lyrics. Nevertheless, LA based producer Flying Lotus has released a remix of Milli that flips the script by dramatically altering the beat while Wayne’s verses are left completely intact. The result is a pretty solid joint that has a spaced out feel, which works well with the martian MC. Flying Lotus has been drawing comparisons to producers like J Dilla and Madlib based off of his album, Los Angeles— some new music definitely worth checking out.

Listen to the track [HERE]

flying lotus - robo tussin ft. lil wayne.mp3

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