Apr 24, 2009

Accessories of the Week

This semi-retro items for guys and chicks: like POW rings , Weapon Dogtags etc....
verbal's pow! ring by brandon shigeta.

http://melodyehsani.com/ Melody Ehsani hence the name. This lady has groups like Electric red rocking her rings. I found info on things like this cause Big Sean/Kanye has a few products like this on his blog and i found this interesting.

BIG SEAN below


Kanye West


THis site HomeRoomStore has a retro-indie feel to it i dig. The accessories on this site are like laces locks, dogtags with Uzi's, Meat Cleaver, Powrings etc...and they have clothes for men, women, kids and all for a good price. The site beyond is dope please click/check out the site/link.

this site TuffCookies is more of a chick accessory site.




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