May 5, 2009

Inspiration yet Envy WoW!

Inspiration yet Envy is the vent session for today which yall hardly even see my on some Heart-2-Heart sh*t "Rarely right¿" So for me to be sharing this with yall says alot about how an so Open right now. And this hits home hard so........

Man this is first time i've be Envious of someone in a long time lol i even feel bad about it. Its like this, this Kat I know has a job with the Company that im going to school for its Program which is Network Administration aka Network Technology aka Cisco Academy. It just that Cisco itself is soooooooooo hard to do or get your CCNA cert. ($48k-$100k). Im not hating by far its just Cisco acad will push you to a fork in the road where as you'll be like "I HATE this Sh!t or I LOVE this Sh!t" And recently i've been like i hate this sh!t so I needed something like this to keep me Ah-Float ya dig. IF you see this my dude I preciate you for showing me that i should keep striving. GOD BLESS correction i have too friends that Inspired me


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