Dec 8, 2008

The De La's that never made it lol

DOPE , DOPE, DOPE, imo these are better than the Sb Lows that did drop

Heres the write up
in response to Greenmaker and Joe The Plumber. i agree with them. The silver joint is wack thats why it NEVER came out. it was made by one of the dudes from SB as samples right when we decided to do a shoe with NIKE SB. we were fresh off of the Bionix album that had us in the space suits on the cover so thats why the person at SB took a shot at showing us that(which was an idea of his) to see if we liked it and then we could’ve build on more to that style.
we immediately let him know we wanted something more interesting in texture and colors which led us to start fooling around with the color scheme and style we presented to them which became the De La Dunk Hi we put out and then of course the cleaner version we did in Lo’s so we were never ever trying to or is going to release that silver shoe.
The other pic is the 1st sample of what eventually became our De La Dunks in Lo’s. we got rid of the clear Bottoms with the Medallion inside which represented the Medallions we wore on our first album cover
When i gave Vulcan the pics i did so because i thought it would be great to show the sneaker Heads and De la heads the prototypes that never came out that we fiddled with oppose to my favorite sneakers that everyone reading this may own themselves.No different than putting out unreleased De la music… i was just showing you an unreleased shoe.
we are working on a show with Nike for the Nike plus original project we are doing with them as well as a possible shoe with Nike apparel for the 20th anniversary of 3 Feet high so stay tuned to those.
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