Dec 11, 2008

Ranked in Top 40 Songs of the Year!!! KooLey- High

Ranked in Top 40 Songs of the Year!!!

The Year in Music 2008: Tracklist

Tracks 21-30 (H-Pa) of the Triangle's 40 best songs of 2008

How dope is this
Indy Week


(from Summer Sessions EP; self-released)

A fitting introduction to Kooley High, "Kool With It" rides a hydraulic beat, bass bouncing across bold horn samples, hot and thick as summer air. MCs Rapsody, Charlie Smarts and Tab-One trade lines, referencing Family Guy in their lyrics and Digable Planets in their easy chemistry. Certainly, this is as clear a mission statement as any the group could've offered—to be, as Rapsody boats in the hook, "so K-O-O-L/ Y'all better ask 'cuz y'all can't tell." Simple, direct and effective credo established? Check. —Bryan Reed
DownLOad this Track : Kool wit it

on a side note lol Charlie Smarts/iLL Digitz/Halo in Kool high are my peoples like on a call and text level not to tickle my own fancy. But since i have that live/direct connect i'll keep yall posted because i usually get there tracks ahead of time as far as knowing and i'll have there new cd when it drops. But anyway this is NC at its finest right here Please support Good music people.

Google them

Bonus lol
Kanye West feat. Kooley High_Bad News Remix
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ' KOol High style
as always my boy Alex kills it woops charlie Smarts

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