Dec 24, 2008

Hookah Season/ Vaporizer / Bud

well........... time to do a really post again lol ok ok ok to the point for the past two weeks i've been doing this Hookah lounge/bar thing and guess what i Dig alot its mad chill and relaxing and i love Kiwi Strawberry and Blueberry; however, im getting out of the virgin lung thing and taking massive dragon hits lol. but peep this im not sure if yall seen the new Katt Williams stand DVD " Its Pimping Pimpin" but he touched bases on the device that it got high on called the Vaporizer and i happened to be on the hookah site that basically finds hookah bars in your state called " Hookah Bar " and i noticed a add and it said smoke legal bud and i was like " Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" so i clicked it and i seen 'THE VAPORIZER" hahahahahaha i was like Wtf!!! Katt W. wasnt bÜllSh!tting the site is 'Legal Buds'
and i also found a site that caters to the herbal Vaporizers called ' VaporizerGiant ' also on VapeGiant im having a dillema if u look at the site are the really selling weed bud or substances like Weed ? leave a comment to clear this up for me


Heres Katt Talking bout it

Bonus *********** lol as my boy Vic " SneakFiend" would say "Damn it's a dirty Game"
Iphone and MotoRazr = Digital Scales wtf!!!! hahahah

Side bar bonus again lol Remember alice in Wonderland

hookah/Opium Bong ' Believe it or Not " like the show hahahahah


vaporizers said...

VG only sells vaporizers, and not mmj ,( but you can find that at a dispensary perhaps just as long as you have your rec ,)

Buy Hookah said...

Hookah smoking is common now a days some time ago it is less popular but now it catch popularity among young ones and hookah pipes also used in bar and casinos.

Vape hookah said...

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