Dec 24, 2008

One Day by Napoleon Wright

Come check out my new documentary "One Day". A Becauseus Film, in association with M.E.C.C.A. Records, the movie features NC's own Kooley High and is filmed in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina.

Featuring cameos by:

9th Wonder, Skyzoo, Halo, J Sol & The Academy

Saturday_January 24th_2009
Galaxy Cinema
Village Square Shopping Center
770 Cary Towne Blvd

Doors open @ 7pm. DJ ill digitz will be spinning jams inside the theater before and after the screening of the film.

Come with us to Five Star for the after party!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm from Anson county, NC and I want to know why they call NC the middle east when we the south east? I ain't never heard that until I moved up here to Raleigh? I guess all these new yorkers are running things around here. I've heard this like three times and I those three times they were from like va or up north somewhere. Please tell me

-=={{==Stealthdaybe==> said...

Im guessing because as far as thinking in a East Coast sense NC is a central point on the east coast 'Dig' technically we are south east but thinking on a scale from Maine to Florida "NC" is in the middle , feel me lol plus most northerns move to either NC or Florida so i guess 'go Figure'
LOl NC is the Middle East hahahahah

Anonymous said...

well I see DC or va as being exactly in the middle but if run nc across thru the west we cut through Alabama miss ga ark ten ok tx etc . . . I ain't a big fan of the north and I ain't never heard of this before til I got here LOL I looked at a google map maybe maps are different but if you take all these out of state folks out nothing says mmidle east about nc if anything it says south east not saying your wrong just what I have always known to be my truth. And what about sc and ga and tn. Funny blog too

-=={{==Stealthdaybe==> said...

lol i keep my blog unpredictable
like personality expect the unexpected

Anonymous said...

lol yeah and the six sense is pretty weird too but keep the blog going reppin' anson county , nc the SOUTH EAST LOL

-=={{==Stealthdaybe==> said...

Can yoooooooooooou Diggit

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