Jan 22, 2009

One Day

Filmed by Napoleon Wright

Napoleon is a Local kat here in Raleigh, NC. Napoleon is also one of NC best breakdancers, his style of breakdance is more of a soulful oldschool with a modern twist is needbe because i've seen numerous competitions were he has slaughtered fellow dancers whether it was Popping,locking,6-stepping, or whatever the man is a beast. On the other he Napoleon is one of the most chill kats that i've meet in years, in a sense of you dont have to be a certain type of person to just conversate with Napoleon. But aside from that brief Bio down to why i posted the flyer.

Well this morning i had a brief convo with Napoleon before he had to split, just catching up on time with him, since i haven't talked to him in like a month and you know how convo's always start with general stuff........... so then i was like so whats new bro and his direct words were " yea man..I've just been in the lab, whats good with you" and i was like " Lab for what dance" and his response was that of " ive been working on this documentry about Kooley High for the past year" when he said that i was blown away "no homo"

and then he presented me with the Image and i went from there. And now all i can say to Yall or Us here in NC is You must be there . the guess are : halo of kooley high, jsol of kooley high, the academy, skyzoo and 9th wonder ................. Yep that right SkyZoo and 9th Wonder Whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat! sidenote Sky and 9th did a collabo in the past peep it here "Cloud 9"

ok...ok...ok.... back to the screening ummmmmmmmmm. yea you need to be there i bet this is gone be a bigggggggggggggggg event on Jan. 24th so i'll keep yall post on updated info and yea dont forget about the Kooley High album thats bout to drop soon

Some of Napoleon work and this is my first time seeing his work b/c idk that he did filming til day from a early convo with him this morning. And also just found out he does music lol wtf! jack'of'Trades i see
' And so it is " heres the bio of this song

and here's dope article i found about my boy
via Linux Blogs2k
If you’ve ever watched a video from Red Hat Magazine, you’ve probably heard the soundtracks in the background. Whether it’s the remixable Birdsong video or one of our other interviews or overviews, the music we use is often created in-house by our soundscape specialist. Napoleon creates custom music and animations for various Red Hat projects, as well as commercial materials and custom beats, lyrics, and compositions. In his free time he enjoys sampling 70s soul records to create beats for local hip-hop artists. And now he’s here to share some of his work with you.
Everybody wants to be heard. Some of us have a rhythm to go along with it.
I was introduced to ccmixter a couple months ago and have been hooked ever since. It is a utopia of sound for music makers and mixers alike.
From acapellas and samples to remixes, ccmixter wants you to download, sample, cut-up, and share music of all types. Some artists post entire albums for the community to remix.
Best of all, it’s all licensed under Creative Commons so there’s no worries.
Check out my page of remixes.
If you create a remix and want to get in touch with Napoleon–or just have a question–feel free to leave a comment (or contact information) on this post.

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