Jan 24, 2009

R.I.P Coach Yow

R.I.P Coach Yow "Female NC State Coach" Had me teary eyed this morning when i found out


wow its crazy being that I meet her not to long ago. I had the pleasure to meet her this summer in like July i believe, funny thing is she came into nike on sum chill sh!t and i had to help her find a good sneaker for everyday use and these other shoe she was digging i think it was some nike 'FLats" or sum but she had to have a size 10.5 lol "yeah" at first i didn't know who she was, but i knew she had to be someone of importance cuz she had two ppls with her like on sum entourage shit one person that happened to be with her was assistant coach Stephanie Glance. Then two ppl that work with me that attend NC state was like do you know who that is "im like no?" they were like Thats COACH YOW the nc state coach for states female basketball team.

why they have to tell me that, talking about nervous "i was like damn reg dont fk up"

However one of the shoes i couldn't find her size, but the one shoe i found was the one she really wanted, so i was like hellllllllllllllllllllllz yea "like Snoop & Dre"

She also signed a few autographs


i'll never for get the day i meet her RIP Kay Yow,

Nike Air Huarache Excel Kay Yow
Nike Air Huarache Excel Kay Yow

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