Feb 10, 2009

Rihanna n CB story

Now heres a legitament story in my opinion this is very logical but in another since if CB did "Ike Turner, Rih then a dude shouldn't hit a woman, but in some situations you gotta defind yourself cuz i be damned if a female repeatedly punched me in the face or hit me with a weapon or tried to stab me hahahah

via Media Take OUt

February 10, 2009. A friend of Chris Brown reached out to MediaTakeOut.com, offering us this explanation of what happened on Saturday night:
[Rihanna is] outrageously jealous and insecure. So [Chris] would get into arguments and fights with her. He never hit her once but she'd [allegedly] smack him, bite him and scratch him and once he even got hit in the balls kinda' hard. So [she] got into the habit of hitting him because to her it was fine since he never hit her back.

[On Saturday night, Chris] finally told her to shut the f*ck up and it's over. So she socked the shit out of him while he was driving and kept on hitting him until he crashed into a parked car.

[Chris] then got out of the car and tried to pull her out and got hit in the face some more numerous times. Scratched up and everything.

Simply because he was done with all of the drama. Anyway when she smacked him this last time he smacked her back. So he [left Rihanna there alone].

Hurt from banging her face on the windshield/dashboard from the car accident [somebody] then called the cops and [Rihanna] told them that [Chris] whipped her ass.

[Later the next day, Chris] wanted to go get his things from her apt to go to a hotel and saw a million cop cars there.

So he left and when he sent us to retrieve his stuff, this girl didn't want to let us get his 6 bags of stuff. She said tell him to come get it himself … Tell him to answer his phone and that I'm sorry we can work this out. To which I said, hell no my friend isn't coming anywhere near here. It's too late for all of that. He just wants his luggage and you guys need never to see each other anymore….

Sh*t happens was definitely in effect and it's crazy how everyone can jump on a woman's side and not know what happened. Hind sight is 20/20 and I told [him that] he should've gotten out of the car and called the cops on her a*s when it was just him with scratches and shit.

This seems like a very interesting story. Of course we have absolutely no way to know whether it’s true or just damage control.

It does get a little tricky however. You’ll recall that initially both Rihanna and Chris’ people were claiming that Rihanna was injured in a “traffic accident.” Also, according to TMZ, their Lamborghini was towed from the scene of the alleged assault in Hancock Park to a nearby police impound lot. Could the car have been damaged???



Nellz said...

so much he say she say i want to know what reallllly happened...that story is hella crazy bc we dont see any of them that way.. weird

-=={{==Stealthdaybe==> said...

yea your right however, Celebs have mad inner Circle issues so....... all that stuff we hear is sugar coated and the stuff we dont hear shocks the fk outta us when we finally get to hear it hahahah right or wrong

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