Feb 8, 2009

Smoking Fetishs WTF!!

ok ok ok a true blog session hahaha while i was on youtube peeping out Hookah videos and i noticed a chick in pink hair smoking with a title that said "Smoking in my Pink PJs " hahahah why did i click on it idk thats just the powers of youtube hahaha and on the video comments ppl are buggin out like perfect exhales or inhales hahah im like what the FKkkkkkkkkkkkkkk but what ever floats ur boat and get you off at night hahahahaha but this chick on her sh!t tho cuz she has a fanBase and a website so she's making that Fedy`Oh`ta aka Gwop aka Cheese aka Money but chick is Seductive i give her that cuz the way she looks at the screen makes a ninja be like mmmmmmmmmHmmmmmmm Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr Prrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ahahahahaha
Doesn't she look like Shawnaa from DTP haha
but peep

Bonus***** Gittigty Giddy

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